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Course Description

An introductory course to electronic music production. Students will use audio software such as Ableton Live, basic synthesis, MIDI, effects, vocals, and samples. Bring your own laptop.

This introductory course addresses electronic music production and sound design using free and readily available tools. Students will learn basic sound and music technology, as well as the history of electronic music with examples from different styles. They will also learn how to create their own electronic music project from scratch, including sequencing, sound design, and mixing. In addition, it will be taught how to deliver projects through platforms such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify. Finally, different methods of electronic music performance will be covered.

What are you going to learn?

  • Produce your electronic music

  • Record sound and music

  • Basic sound design

  • Use software like Ableton Live

  • Work with MIDI and audio

  • Basic notions of mixing and mastering

  • History of electronic music

  • Different styles of production

  • Introduction to live sets

  • Distribute your projects


  • You will need your computer with audio software installed, ideally Ableton Live but others are fine too

  • Please bring your own headphones

  • Mobile to record audio is enough and if you have a MIDI controller bring it with you

  • You do not need previous experience

Course contents

  • Introduction to the course
  • Examples and references to create your music
  • Ambient music exercise to understand Ableton Live
  • Introduction to different styles of electronic music
  • Using samples in Ableton Live
  • Exercise with sampling
  • Music with synthesizers
  • Synths in Ableton Live
  • Exercise to practice synthesis
  • Sound effects
  • Sound Design in Ableton Live
  • Sound design exercise
  • Different structures
  • Structuring a song in Ableton Live
  • We start with your song
  • Mix
  • How to mix your song in Ableton Live
  • We continue with your song
  • Master your song
  • Mastering in Ableton Live
  • We continue with your song
  • Song feedback session
  • Ways to perform with Ableton Live
  • Reflections for the future

Learn new creative skills




What are students saying about us?

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  • Anja
    Electronic Music Production Student

    It gave me perspective to electronic music, it's history and genres, interesting. Lu was supporting and clear and guided us from the very beginning.

  • Laura
    Electronic Music Production Student

    I found the course very inspiring. Lu has been a supportive and enthusiastic guide, able to keep the course playful even when the obvious challenges of learning a new skill arose.

  • Kristina
    Electronic Music Production Student

    It was interesting and the handouts were informative.

  • Luciana
    Electronic Music Production Student

    We were able to learn about equipment, software and many options to start making music with fun exercises.

  • Riccardo
    Electronic Music Production Student

    It was interesting to learn how to record my own music and also knowing more about the history of electronic music (which was unfamiliar to me)

  • Jayson
    Electronic Music Production Student

    I learned to make music from knowing nothing about the DAW, creating rhythm from MIDI, recording samples, layering, adjusting parameters and effects, a hint of mixing and mastering up to exporting my own music!

  • Remy
    Electronic Music Production Student

    The course was well-structured and allowed us to freely express ourselves with music

  • Kimmo
    Electronic Music Production Student

    Great course & nice positive atmosphere during the course

  • Pate
    Electronic Music Production Student

    Lu is friendly, patient, and obviously knows what he is talking about


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